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About Jomar

Jomar was incorporated in 1968 by Joseph Johnson and his wife Mary, thus the name Jomar. Joe was a design engineer for Wheaton Industries and was responsible for their injection blow molding department. Joe eventually left Wheaton, improved the machine and started Jomar. The company he founded built the first commercially-viable, completely integrated injection blow molding machines available to the plastic industry.

In 1978, Jomar was purchased by Inductotherm Industries of Rancocas, NJ, a privately-held company now known as Indel Inc that has built more than half of the induction furnaces in the world.

Today, Jomar is headquartered in a 42,000 sq foot facility in Southern New Jersey and has sold over 2,000 machines worldwide.

Joe and Mary at N.Y. trade show, 1977

Built to Last

Jomar machines are simple, rugged machines that can withstand the punishment of the production floor.  From the outset, Joe Johnson and his team wanted to build machines that were simple to operate and built to last a long time. The machines are not over-engineered or built with exotic, custom parts. Everything on the Jomar machine has been scrutinized by our engineers and tested by customers for decades.
Today’s Jomar machine is the result of a long evolution of being tested in production. You may ask why Jomars are designed a certain way or why certain functions behave as they do, but the answer will always be the same; because it works…and it works well. This is the simple genius of the Jomar machine.
The success of Jomar design philosophy is evident. Some of the original machines built by Joe Johnson are still in production and have been making bottles for more than forty years. When you buy a Jomar machine, you can count on a durable machine and the experience of over 45 years in the injection blow molding industry. .


Dedication to Injection Blow Molding

One of the greatest advantages of working with us on your project is that injection blow molding is all Jomar does. We’re not part of a larger machine manufacturer that bought or inherited an injection blow molding division, we’re not a conglomerate where manufacturing and service come from different companies. Injection Blow molding is all we do.

When you buy a Jomar machine and come in for our free training class, you’ll meet the staff that will service your machine and shake hands with the people who will provide you with spare parts one day. Everyone at Jomar is focused upon the customer and building the finest injection blow molding machines in the world.

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