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What does Your Company do?

In the world of capital expenditures, ROI, accelerated depreciation and all the other things you need to manage, it’s easy to lose sight of what it is your company actually does.

There are inexpensive machines from Asia that will keep your staff very active, but they’ll be active with   ongoing maintenance and repair issues. The companies that build these machines don’t have the skilled technicians, depth of spare parts and Jomar’s more than 45 years of history and accumulated knowledge of IBM machines.

Can your company afford to be a case study or part of someone else’s learning curve? How long are you willing to wait for them to get it right?

Mid-sized machines are billed out at about $100 per hour, so you can lose $2,400 in down time in just one day. Problems with cheap machines can take weeks and even months to resolve.

Are you really saving any money by buying a cheap machine?

Is the problem even coming from the machine? Tooling from Asia and local shops can be purchased at a discount, but then you have to spend the time debugging issues with tooling. Technicians will spend days trying to process the dimensions and overall quality of the bottle. With resin prices averaging about $1 per pound, it can get expensive very quickly to try and achieve your goal, with no guarantee of success.

Improper sampling of the unit cavity can cost you a loss of 20% productivity. It can mean the difference between a 10 second cycle and a 13 second cycle.

Ask yourself, are you trying to make bottles or are you trying to make money?

If you and your company want to make a profit, then you have to choose the Jomar turnkey system. Jomar will design and build the tool, test the unit and production tools, train your technicians at Jomar headquarters or even your plant and most importantly, we quote cycle times.

Jomar assumes the responsibility of many of the issues that can delay production. You can buy a machine or you can buy a tool, but with the Jomar turnkey system, you are buying the finished product.  You’ll be making bottles and making money before our technician leaves your facility.

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