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Jomar Transfer Head Kit

Transfer Head Kit from Jomar Service Department 

transfer-head2Bulging bottles? Bottles just don’t seem to be blowing the same? It could be that the internal components of your transfer head are starting to wear.

The transfer head, also known as the indexing head, is literally the heart of the Jomar injection blow machine. It is the swiveling table that holds the core rods and transfers the bottles from station to station. The compressed air that blows and actually forms the bottles flows through the transfer head.

Over time, the O rings, seals, guide pins and other items inside the transfer head can wear due to friction, force of the air and other factors. The result is improper functioning of the trigger bar and other items, which in turn may lead to numerous other problems.

Two of the most critical indications of a problem with the internal functioning of the transfer head are difficulties in maintaining air pressure and the improper exhausting or venting of air to the cavities. In most cases, these serious problems can be prevented by simply replacing the wear items inside the transfer head.

Jomar now offers a kit to rebuild the transfer head which includes prints, a bill of material and parts required to accomplish the task.

If your transfer head is in more serious need of maintenance, contact our service department and describe the problem. We’ll do our best to resolve the problem over the phone or remotely via Skype and email.

Whether you’d like a rebuild kit or have other questions regarding the transfer head, it all starts with giving our service department the serial number of the machine and the part number of the transfer head which is stamped into the top corner of the head.

To contact Jomar’s service department:

Phone:  (609) 646-8000
Skype:   jomarservice

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