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Jomar, the World’s Finest Injection Blowing Machines

Jomar has been making injection blowing machines since 1968, with over two thousand machines built and delivered. With proper maintenance, there’s no telling how long a Jomar will last. Some of our machines are over 40 years old and still making bottles to this day. How’s that for return on investment?

The added benefit of having so much history is that it’s a great indication of the future. If you buy a Jomar injection blow molding machine and run into problems ten years from now, you can be assured that we’ll still be here to help you. Not many other companies can make that claim – and even fewer in the field of injection blow molding.

Jomar builds injection blow mold machines from 20 to 175 tons, which can make bottles from 1ml to 4 liters. Jomar machines produce higher quality containers due to several unique factors including ultra-fast indexing speed and accuracy, integral microprocessor control and Jomar’s trademark vertical plastifier.

Jomar’s original design philosophy was to make a machine that was simple to operate and built to withstand production conditions for decades. We believe we manufacture the finest injection blow machinery in the world – and our customers agree.


Jomar Model 20

Preform Clamp: 18 US Tons

The Model 20 is the smallest in the Jomar line of machines. It was specifically engineered to process PET and to increase cavitation possibilities from the Model 15 without  a large increase in capital expenditure.

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Model 40

Jomar Model 40

Preform Clamp: 38.2 US Tons

The Model 40 is the perfect size for small to medium size pharmaceutical projects in terms of annual volume. The Model 40 has been popular with major converters who are new to injection blow molding.
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Jomar Model 65

Preform Clamp: 52 US Tons

The next three models represent the work-horses of the Jomar line of machines. The Model 65 is the most popular model for emerging markets due to its combination of value and capacity.
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Jomar Model 85S

Preform Clamp: 72 US Tons

Our most popular model, the Jomar 85S is the first machine to have proportional valves come standard. This reduces the wear on the machine without sacrificing the required clamp tonnage.
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Jomar Model 135

Preform Clamp: 135 US Tons

The Model 135 is where customers can really see the benefits of the small Jomar footprint. Capable of generating many millions of bottles per year, it’s hard to fin d a machine that matches the 135’s output per square foot.
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Jomar Model 175

Preform Clamp: 175 US Tons

The largest of Jomar’s regular line of products, the Jomar Model 175 is intended for projects with tremendous volume requirements.
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Tooling & Turnkey


You can buy just a machine from Jomar or you can buy just a tool. When you buy both, you’re actually buying the final product. Let Jomar hand you the keys to success by being a turnkey customer.

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Vertical Pastifier


Read more about the advantages of the vertical plastifier, one of the distinguishing features of the Jomar machine. It reduces the energy required to run production while also maintaining Jomar’s small footprint.

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Refurbished Machines


Besides new machines, Jomar may be able to offer you a refurbished machine from our inventory. We recover good machines, strip them down to the frame and rebuild them. The machines are ready for decades of  more production time.

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